Fly and Earn a Degree


Schenectady County Community College is one of our newest college partners that offers a baccalaureate program in the field of aviation. The pilot option allows students to gain experience in actual flight training toward a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate and a Flight Instructor Certificate in conjunction with their A.S. degree

Aviation Science
  • Pilot Option (A.S.)

  • Non-Pilot Option (A.S.)


Corporate Partner


Air Cargo Carriers

Gain real world experience!

Air Cargo Carriers (ACC) is a part 135 air cargo company that operates  primarily in the Caribbean and the United States with ties to DHL and UPS. Our partnership with ACC started in the spring of 2016.  It is designed to take pilots that have done their training with Westfield Flight Academy and put them in the right seat of a Shorts 360 aircraft operated by ACC. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to pursue a career to be a pilot.